So I have a two-level Navigation in a structure. What I want is to give the parent of my entry (if a parent exists) the active tag.

right now I'm doing that:

{% for nav_item in navigation %}
  <li class="{% if craft.request.getSegment(1) == nav_item.nav_url %}active {% endif %}{% if nav_item.hasDescendants() %}more{% endif %}">

    <a href="{{nav_item.nav_url}}">{{nav_item.title}}</a>

  {% if nav_item.hasDescendants() %}
    <ul class="submenu">
      {% for child in nav_item.getChildren() %}
            <a href="{{child.nav_url}}">{{child.title}}</a>
      {% endfor %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

sadly most children don't share the first segment

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How a look at the isAncestorOf() method in the Docs. The given example code probably covers all you need:

{% set expanded = entry is defined and page.isAncestorOf(entry) %}
<li{% if expanded %} class="expanded"{% endif %}>

To only address the direct parent, use isParentOf() instead.


If it works for you to use the URL segments for comparisons, I posted an answer on how to do that here: "How can I add a dynamic “active” CSS class to the navigation on any given page?"

  • Sorry, only read that relevant line at the bottom of your post after posting this. Hopefully that other answer I just gave is more helpful :)
    – carlcs
    Oct 10, 2014 at 10:18

If you have an Entries field type in your navigation structure (like the more advanced example in this post on the craft cookbook) you should be able to use the relatedTo( ) parameter to do the comparison instead of using the segment in a URL.

For example if you had an Entries Field with the handle "relatedEntry" in your navigation structure you could change your code from this:

  <li class="{% if craft.request.getSegment(1) == nav_item.nav_url %}active {% endif %}{% if nav_item.hasDescendants() %}more{% endif %}">

to this:

{# Fetch the related navigation entry based on our current entry #}
{% set relatedToEntry = navigation.relatedTo(entry)%}

{# Check to see if the mainNavigation entry matches the current entry. Only compare it with the top level navigation items #}
{% set active = (relatedToEntry[0].slug == nav_item.slug and nav_item.hasDescendants) or (relatedToEntry[0].parent != "" and relatedToEntry[0].parent.slug == nav_item.slug) %}

{# display the class "active" if #}
<li class="{% if active %}active {% endif %}{% if nav_item.hasDescendants() %}more{% endif %}">
<a href="{{ nav_item.relatedEntry[0].url }}">{{ nav_item.title }}</a></li>

Note: For some reason I had to compare the slugs (as opposed to the names) in order to get a positive match.

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