I have a Craft 3 site, currently running using the Element API and Vue JS as follows:

VueJS: Product grid component

data() {
    return {
        products: [],
methods: {
        .then(response => {
            this.products = response.data.data

Twig: index.html template

{% extends './_layout' %}
{% block content %}
    :title="'Productos destacados'"></product-grid>
{% endblock %}

{% block scripts %}
    window.endpoint = '/products/featured/9.json';
    window.currentPage = 'Inicio'
{% endblock %}

That's pretty much what happens in every view with products. Initially this was more then enough, but now my client wants to move on to an e-commerce strategy using Shopify.

I'm reading up on Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK which seems pretty powerful. Still, I was wondering what the most efficient way to set this up might be, especially regarding urls and product IDs. Should I add a new "Shopify ID" field to each product so that I can retrieve the information from Shopify? What about updating the product's price? Does it have to be updated in both platforms?

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