In my news entries, I have a lightswitch field with the handle 'pinned'. I'm trying to query my news section for both pinned and unpinned news entries (true or false essentially), but I can't get consistent results with any of the following:

{% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('1').all() %}
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('0').all() %}

{% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('true').all() %}
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('false').all() %}

{% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('1').all() %}
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned('not 1').all() %}

{% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').search('pinned:1').all() %} THIS WORKS
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').search('pinned:0').all() %} DOES NOT WORK
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').search('pinned:not 1').all() %} DOES NOT WORK

Is there a proper to get the boolean values in Craft 3?


true/false are booleans, not strings, so you shouldn't surround them in quotes:

{% set pinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned(true).all() %}
{% set unpinnedNews = craft.entries().section('news').pinned(false).all() %}
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    very good yes programming 101! I promise you this...I set it to (false) then retried, cleared cache, retried, still missing one "false" entry. So I went to that entry, flipped the switch on and off, resaved, tested, bingo. It wasn't until i resaved that i got the correct result. Thank you! – Jim May 21 '19 at 2:29
  • Huh very interesting. Glad it worked! 🙌 – Jalen Davenport May 21 '19 at 2:47
  • I've read others have had trouble with switches "sticking". I'll try to find these. – Jim May 21 '19 at 3:02

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