I'm stuck on a problem with categories. I never worked with them before so maybe it's not as difficult a I think.

I need the following structure:

Type of company 1 (e.g. Bakery)
-Bakery 1 + website
-Bakery 2 + website
-Bakery 3 + website

Type of company 2 (e.g. Supermarket)
-Super 1 + website
-Super 2 + website
-Super 3 + website

So my parent categories only need 1 field (type of company) and the children need 2 types of fields (url + company name)

How can I accomplish this?


I would just leave the URL field blank for parent categories.

In the template you could check if the the category is level two before outputting the URL field.

{% if category.level == 2 and category.categoryUrl %}
    {{ category.categoryUrl }}
{% endif %}

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