I've created a field type that stores its value as a model. That model’s __toString() method returns the result of a craft()->templates->render() call:

public function render() 
    $render = craft()->templates->render('myplugin/templates/mymodeltemplate');
    return $render;

public function __toString()
    return $this->render();

When I output the model from a template, like so:

{{ entry.myField }}

Twig encodes the resulting HTML as a string with HTML entities. Running the string through html_entity_decode() before returning it in __toString() doesn't help. I'm assuming this string formatting is happening somewhere at the Twig level.

Being new to Craft, I'd love to understand a little more of what's going on here. How does the string representation of an element model get passed to and handled by Twig?

  • Hey Angela, I’ve edited your question to focus on the first issue it was bringing up. Try to stick to that single-question format going forward. So your routing question should be its own separate question, for example. Oct 9 '14 at 15:55
  • Thanks so much for helping me organize & navigate this, Brandon!
    – Angela T
    Oct 9 '14 at 18:08

Whenever you output anything with Twig’s {{ output tags }}, the contents will get encoded by default. You have to pass the content through the |raw filter in order for it to be output verbatim.

{{ entry.myFieldHandle|raw }}
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    Thanks, @Brandon Kelly. Passing the content through |raw works, but I'd like this work to be handled by my pugin on the backend. When I try returning TemplateHelper::getRaw($html) in my __toString() function, I get an Internal Server Error: __toString() must return a string.
    – Angela T
    Oct 10 '14 at 17:30
  • Doh! Guess you’ll have to stick with |raw :-/ Oct 10 '14 at 18:05

Try this:

public function getFunctions() {
    return array (
        'my_func' => new \Twig_SimpleFunction('my_func', array($this, 'my_func'), array('is_safe' => array('html')))

This being the important part:

array('is_safe' => array('html'))

Not sure about model, but you can return raw, unescaped value from plugin variable like this:

use craft\helpers\Template as TemplateHelper;

class someClass
    public function someFunction()
        return TemplateHelper::raw($some_values);

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