I have an entry type called people which has a superTable field called programmeAffiliations, with three fields, jobTitle, researchProgramme, primary where:

  • researchProgramme is a category field (calling a category called programmes)
  • jobTitle is just a string
  • and primary is a lightSwitch.

A person can have multiple programmeAffiliations.

I've worked out how to get people via their programmeAffiliation.researchProgramme category:

{% set filterByProgramme = craft.categories

{% set people =  craft.superTable.getRelatedElements({
          targetElement: filterByProgramme,
          field: 'programmeAffiliation.researchProgramme'
      section: 'people',
      criteria: {
        "section": "people",
        "orderBy": 'lastName asc',
        "with": ['portrait', 'programmeAffiliation']
}) %}

But I'm struggling to work out how:

1) To get all people who where primary == 1 on their programmeAffiliation

2) To get all people who have no programmeAffiliation at all

I can of course loop over the records returned and check, but it feels a bit hacky, and that ideally I really should be able to do this somewhere in the craft.superTable.getRelatedElements call. Thoughts?

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