I have a Matrix field with Image, Caption, and PDF sub-fields. I can output the Image and Caption fine, but am having no luck with the PDF file.

Here is the code:

{% for block in entry.seriesInformation %}
    {% if block.type == "bladeImage" %}

        {% set image = block.image.first() %}

        {% if image %}
            <img src="{{ image.getUrl('bladesdetail') }}" width="{{ image.getWidth('bladesdetail') }}" height="{{ image.getHeight('bladesdetail') }}" alt="{{ image.title }}">
        {% endif %}

    {% elseif block.type == "caption" %}

        {{ block.caption }}

    {% elseif block.type == "bladeBrochure" %}

        <p><a href="{{ bladeBrochure.url }}">Download &rarr;</a></p>

    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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  • Tried both neither works. It gives me. A URL of PDF/filename. But does not download the file.
    – user882
    Oct 10 '14 at 11:35

Assuming the field where your client can select the download is an asset field, you can use the following:

{% elseif block.type == "bladeBrochure" %}
    {% set download = block.download.first() %}
    {% if download %}
        <a href="{{ download.url }}">Click me to download</a>
    {% endif %}

Replacing block.download with the name of your field.


I'm assuming that your PDF field is an assets field? If so, it works exactly the same way as images, and you can output it using something like this:

{% for block in entry.matrixFieldHandle %}
    {% set pdf = block.pdfFieldHandle.first() %}
    <a href="{{pdf.getUrl}}">Text</a>
{% endfor %}`
  • Thanks for editing Brandon; for some reason the 4-space indent just wasn't turning it into code earlier! Oct 9 '14 at 20:27

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