Lets say I want to get a list of category names and ids and pass them into JSON (for vue.js).

This is how I'm currently doing it:

{% set sections = craft.categories.group('teamCategory').select(['title','elements.id','groupId']).all() %}

<!-- My vue.js tag: -->
<team :sections="{{ sections|json_encode() }}"></team>

My problem is that I only want title and id to be passed to vue, but craft/twig is passing load and loads more data that forms part of the category object.

Is there an easy way to just pass the array columns I need?

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You can use the asArray function to return arrays instead of elements

{% set sections = craft
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    Nice. That's the ticket. I wonder why this approach never stood out for me. Maybe I need to go and read the docs again!
    – sunscreem
    Apr 15, 2019 at 16:10

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