According to the CraftCMS FeedMe 4 docs we should be able to import inner element field data when importing content via FeedMe.

I have a section we'll call Parent, which has two fields that need importing; ImportId (text field) and ChildEntry (Entry relationship). Child Entry has two fields, Title and Body.

I am able to map Parent->ImportId and ChildEntry->Title I am unable to map to ChildEntry->Body.

My JSON looks like this:

  "data": [
      "title": "secrets",
      "import_id": "UUID-9-3/4",
      "child_title": "Harry Potter",
      "child_message": "Is in a dream",

Is this expected functionality, or am I reading the documentation correctly?

  • What type of field is ChildEntry->Body? Could it be that this is not a text field (but a Matrix field for instance), and therefore FeedMe can not use it for import? – Paul Apr 16 at 9:19
  • It's a rich text field. – Philip Zaengle Apr 18 at 12:54

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