I'm upgrading a site to (not ready to go to 3.1) and when I do I get the following error. How do I resolve this?

composer update craftcms/cms
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

  Problem 1
    - Can only install one of: twig/twig[v2.6.2, v2.5.0].
    - Can only install one of: twig/twig[v2.6.2, v2.5.0].
    - Can only install one of: twig/twig[v2.6.2, v2.5.0].
    - craftcms/cms requires twig/twig ~2.6.2 -> satisfiable by twig/twig[v2.6.2].
    - Installation request for craftcms/cms -> satisfiable by craftcms/cms[].
    - Installation request for twig/twig (locked at v2.5.0) -> satisfiable by twig/twig[v2.5.0].

in composer.json I have this

"craftcms/cms": "",

All other plugins were successfully updated.

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composer update vendor/package by design does not update the dependencies of vendor/package. Instead, use

composer require --update-with-dependencies craftcms/cms:

Per the docs, --update-with-dependencies will

Also update dependencies of the newly required packages, except those that are root requirements

That will update Craft to and, because has a new Twig requirement (~2.6.2, where 3.0.41 used ^2.5.0), it will update Twig as well.


so this was weird.

I had the issue when I ran this composer command

composer update craftcms/cms

however when I ran

composer update

without the specific package all went well.


Craft version released -> https://github.com/craftcms/cms/blob/develop/CHANGELOG-v3.md#31172---2019-03-12

Craft now requires Twig ~2.6.2

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