How can I pass in a quantity value while creating a subscription?

Plugin (version):

  • Craft CMS (3.1.21)

  • Craft Commerce (2.1.2)

  • Stripe for Craft Commerce (1.2.0)

Problem: My website allows users to subscribe to meal plans. For example, a user can subscribe to receive 5 vegetarian meals per week. Another user may also subscribe to recieve 10 meals per week. Currently, I must create two subscritpion plans on Stripe and on Craft (i.e Vegetarian-5 and Vegetarian-10). Stripe's API offers the ability to create a single plan that charges per quantity (i.e I want to create one Vegetarian Plan and charge $10 per meal).

I wrote a plugin that uses createSubscription() from craft\commerce\services. However, ideally I want to send a quantity value but after reviewing Craft's logic for this function, I am unable to figure out a way to pass in a quantity value. However, I could easily bypass Craft and use the Stripe's API to do this (setting subscription quantity through stripe API) but that feels like the wrong solution.

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I realize that this is an older question, but I have found the answer for it after much searching, and want to leave this answer for others who might be coming from a search engine.

The way I have found that you would do this is with the Stripe Payments plugin. The documentation for it can be found at https://github.com/craftcms/commerce-stripe.

From there, you will find that there is a beforeSubscribe event. You can use that to set parameters for quantity. From the documentation:

use craft\commerce\stripe\events\SubscriptionRequestEvent;
use craft\commerce\stripe\base\SubscriptionGateway as StripeGateway;
use yii\base\Event;

Event::on(StripeGateway::class, StripeGateway::EVENT_BEFORE_SUBSCRIBE, function(SubscriptionRequestEvent $e) {
    $e->parameters['someKey'] = 'some value';

For my subscription, I have found that $e->parameters['items'][0]['quantity'] = 3; works for my setup.

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