I cant get this to work.

I'm doing a post to a controller action. From that action I'm doing a lot of validations, db insert, file uploads etc.

Coming from Laravel Im used to is doing like this: (example with no real variables or methods. Just for visual presentation)

  return redirect("controller-url")->withErrors([$model->errors]);
// Next steps...

From what I can read in the docs Craft recommend posting to the same page to handle errors and pass the model down to the view, but then doing a page refresh will do the same again so I dont like that.

My Controller is like this :

Index (Renders index template)

public function actionIndex()


public function actionPost()
    return $this->redirect("url-to-index-action");

So the setError() works fine but I want to the pass all the errors from the model to the index action after a redirect and then down to the twig template. How?

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In Yii2 there is no such a thing as "redirectWithErrors". Usually you have 2 scenarios

  1. There are validation errors -> display the form again with those errors
  2. Successful -> redirect

The first one doesn't require a redirect. You just return null in your controller and Yii2 will route the to the url specified via GETparameter.

So you can have a form like this.

<form method="post" action="myUrl">
    <input type="hidden" name="action" value="mycontroller/save">

Yii2 will do the following

  1. Route to your controller and hit the save action
  2. When you redirect or return a valid object of type yii\web\Response or a string that can be converted into that it will return the Response
  3. When you don't return something it will route the request a second time with your get param myUrl, that can be treated as you routeWithErrors function because you set the errors Craft::$app->getUrlManager()->setRouteParams(['model' => $model]) and have then access to these parameters.

If you really dislike this, you could use return Craft::runAction('controller/action', $parameters); to run a controller action with certain values

Edit Usually you want to leave action="myUrl" blank and don't insert it. That way Yii2 will automatically reload the current route so you can dispaly your errors

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