Our client wants a specific option built in Craft Commerce. I guess is possible, but don't know how? Maybe you can help me out?

A customer selects a box: for example "giftbox custom 4" (priced $ 15). After selecting the box. The customer can pick 4 different tastes of chocolate cookies (e.g. 2 brownies, 2 white choco. etc). After picking the cookies, the client can add this to the cart.

My initial thought is to use a note fields for this, storing all the cookie data. But how can I make sure that each "giftbox custom 4" is a unique line item? Now Craft is adding all the "giftbox custom 4" together.

This is what I want to create:

2x Giftbox custom 4
Containing: 2 caramel, 2 brownies

1x Giftbox custom 4
Containing: 1 white choco, 3 caramel

2x Giftbox custom 4
Containing: 2 dark choco, 1 caramel, 1 fruit

In total there a more than 14 different giftbox sizes. Giftbox custom 2, Giftbox custom 4, Giftbox custom 6, etc.
And you can choose from > 30 different cookies

@Luke Holder: When I am using line-item options: For example: Giftbox 4 -> with options ABCD.

After submitting: they appear in my basket. Perfect, and i can change the quantity of Giftbox 4 -> with options ABCD .

But when I go back to the shop and add an extra giftbox to the cart: Giftbox 4 -> with options EFGH. Giftbox 4 -> with options ABCD are removed from my cart.

So i want the "Giftbox 4" products separated:
1x Giftbox 4 -> with options ABCD .
1x Giftbox 4 -> with options EFGH

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Line item options are built in and are designed exactly for this use-case:


  • edited my question above.
    – Romberto
    Commented Apr 3, 2019 at 11:21
  • Ii guess something is going wrong with my local env.. Strange: I can only store 1 product in my cart. I am using the Craft Commerce demo templates for testing purposes. Update Commerce and Craft to latest version. Any clue?
    – Romberto
    Commented Apr 3, 2019 at 21:20

Solved the problem. Omg, I forgot to enable Craft Commerce Pro. That's why it didn't work.

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