I'm currently working on migrating a Craft 2 project which has a bunch of bespoke custom plugins that provided various bits of additional functionality that's tailored to this project only. I've been reading up on the recommended approach in Craft 3 and have understood that modules are better suited in a lot of cases.

However, I've come across a snag with a previous Craft 2 plugin, that basically existed to provide settings that could be referenced in PHP/Twig. This plugin implemented various settings that were defined at config/mycustompluginhandle.php.

I'd like to have the same again but as a module, but it looks like the settings model isn't the same as a plugin and you have to "roll your own" setup for this.

My question is can is a module provide settings via a config/something.php file and can these settings be referenced in other parts of the application i.e. PHP/Twig or another plugin/module? If so, how can I go about doing achieving it?

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So based on a bit of research. I don't think you necessarily have to create a settings model, if the settings are purely required from a config file. You could use something like:

$settings = Craft::$app->config->getConfigFromFile('configfilename');
$exampleSettings = $settings['exampleSomething'];

$settings would be an array, which you could then access each array key.

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