I have added the "file" option in my Standard.json file for Redactor. Wehn using the Redactor field then I can click on the file button and select the image ok. When I view source the file is linked to fine in the html. But when I save the entry and go back to view it - the link is stripped out - it just displays:

<a>link text</a>

I have tried disabling Clean Up HTML and Purify HTML on the field options and saving again but still have the same problem - the link is being stripped out.

Anyone have a similiar issue?

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I've just had this problem. Are you using AWS for your files?

If yes, check your Asset Source "Base URL" does not start with // otherwise the file link in redactor will start with https://// and break (resulting in null). I simply changed this to https:// and Redactor was happy.

Hope that helps.

  • No the files were local - but I had the base url beginning with `\`. Changed as you suggested and the issue is resolved.
    – mmc501
    May 6, 2019 at 20:07

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