Saving an entry with multiple parentheses (in a redactor field) throw a 403. I know it's from ModSecurity - but never experienced that behaviors with another CMS (WP, Kirby, etc.) or with Craft2. This issue appears on 2 (different) projects in development.

Is anyone got something similar?

Field details:

  • Clean up HTML : checked
  • Purify HTML : checked
  • HTML Purifier Config : Default
  • Column Type : 64KB

PS. If I remove the () from the text or replace them with brackets [], the entry saved correctly. We experienced that issue on multiple computers from different offices and didn't reproduce it on local environment (MAMP or XAMP) - so it's not machine/location oriented.

PPS. Deactivate ModSecurity is not a solution

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If you check the ModSecurity logs, you can find exactly which of its rules Redactor/that POST request is tripping.

You can either modify that rule to allow it to pass or just disabled that specific rule.

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