Still very new to Craft but just can't figure this problem out, it's a level above me at the moment.

I have an FAQ page as a 'single' that I would like to display all entries from a channel by default.

But all these entries will have a tag option (either 'red' or 'blue').

How would I sort these entries via a sub nav to display only all, red or blue tagged entries?

Thank you in advance.

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You can read about how to use Relations in the docs. All relations such as (Tags) can be fetched via relatedTo parameter in your ElementsQuery

{% set tagId = craft.app.getRequest().getQueryParam('tagId') %}
{% set entries = craft

This assumes you include the parameter tagId when someone clicks on your Tag, and that represents the ID of your Tag

{% for tag in craft.tags.group(1).all() %}
    <a href="?tagId={{ tag.id }}">{{ tag.title }}</a>
{% endfor %}

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