Following https://docs.craftcms.com/commerce/v2/adjusters.html I am unable to register an adjuster in my module.

in my Module.php file I have placed the following inside init() alongside other stuff being registered (that are working)

use craft\events\RegisterComponentTypesEvent;
use craft\commerce\services\OrderAdjustments;
use modules\mymodule\adjusters\DiscountAdjuster;

    OrderAdjustments::EVENT_REGISTER_ORDER_ADJUSTERS, function(RegisterComponentTypesEvent $event) {
    $event->types[] = DiscountAdjuster::class;

And in src/adjusters/DiscountAdjuster.php I have

namespace modules\mymodule\adjusters;

use Craft;
use craft\base\Component;
use craft\commerce\base\AdjusterInterface;
use craft\commerce\elements\Order;
use craft\commerce\models\OrderAdjustment;

class DiscountAdjuster extends Component implements AdjusterInterface

    public function adjust(Order $order): array
        $adjustments = [];

        foreach ($order->getLineItems() as $item) {
            $adjustment = new OrderAdjustment;
            $adjustment->type = 'discount';
            $adjustment->name = '$2 off';
            $adjustment->description = '$2 off everything in the store';
            $adjustment->sourceSnapshot = [ 'data' => 'value']; // This can contain information about how the adjustment came to be
            $adjustment->amount = -2;

            $adjustments[] = $adjustment;

        return $adjustments;

This should take 2 off of every line item when I add items to the cart, no? Nothing happens though. And if i put something like die() in public function adjust, that isn't registered either.

What am I missing?

I also tried adapting this example: Demo repo for an Adjuster module for Commerce 2? However I'm faced with the same issue.

  • Can you log something or Craft::dd() in your event listener? Aug 7 '19 at 10:27
  • I am almost curtain the module has not been bootstrapped. I had the same issue but have a Yii background and found the issue pretty quick. Aug 7 '19 at 16:55

I had the same issue, turns out I had Craft Commerce Lite installed when the feature requires the Pro version.


Have you made sure the module has bootstrapped? Check the app config and uncomment the bootstrap line

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