I'm using the Redactor plugin throughout a Craft 3 site and I'm also using a custom HTML Purifier config to clean up the HTML (surprise).

  "HTML.ForbiddenElements": [" ", "br"],
  "AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty.RemoveNbsp": true,
  "AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty": true,
  "AutoFormat.Linkify": true,
  "AutoFormat.RemoveSpansWithoutAttributes": true

However it looks like it overrides Redactor's link target blank option and that override is either on (open in new tabs) or off (strip target blank).

Is there any way I can give that choice back to the user? Maybe I can stop Craft using the full url for links other than external links?


And this solved the problem:

"Attr.AllowedFrameTargets": ["_blank"]

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