I would like to get all enabled variants for a product. I refer to the following question, where a method for limiting a for-loop is given:

Disabled product variant still shows in {% for %} loop

In the comments Andreas provides a way to get all enabled variants for a product:

{% set variants = craft.commerce.variants({ product: product, enabled: true }) %}

However, in my case this does not return any variants, while there are two active. Instead, it returns the following object:

object(craft\commerce\services\Variants)#2364 (3) {
  array(0) {
  array(0) {

How can I get all the active variants for a product?

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If you already have the product


$product = Product::find()->one();
$variants = ArrayHelper::filterByValue($product->variants, 'enabled', 1);


{% set product = craft.products.one() %}
{% set variants = product.variants|filterByValue('enabled', "1") %}

If you don't have the product


{% set variants = craft


$variants = Variant::find()

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