I would like to count comments that belong to a certain entry (product). I have this so far:

{% set comments = craft.entries().section('productcomments').all() %}
 {% set counter = 0 %}
  {% for comment in comments %}
   {% if comment.title|length and comment.title == entry.title %}
    {% set counter = counter+1 %}               
    {{ counter }} comments
   {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

This actually works, but it displays the results after each other (like this:1 comment 2 comment 3 comment - if i have 3 comments). I would like to show only "3 comments". Actually display the max result. Twig's "loop.last" doesn't work because of the condition. Is there another way? Thank you very much!

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Assuming that your products are entries, and comments are related to a product through an entries field, you can use the following:

{% set comments = craft.entries.section('productcomments').relatedTo(entry).all() %}

This uses the relatedTo parameter.

You can then return how many comments are found by using:

{% if comments|length %}
    <p>{{ comments|length }} comments</p>
{% endif %}
  • Thank you. This works. But i always have to choose the comments manually in the product entry through an entries field? It's actually to much work just to show how many entries are made. if i could write the "count" result in an array, then i could use twig's max function. Is that possible?
    – TomS
    Commented Feb 16, 2019 at 11:21

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