It appears on Craft 3.1.8 that I can't set the CRAFT_TEMPLATE_PATH from .env without throwing a PHP notice error. This appears to be because the .env is loaded after the defines and I want to access the .ENV for my CRAFTENV_template path.

How can I set CRAFT_TEMPLATE_PATH from my .env without producing an error/warning?

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If you add it after you load the dot env stuff in your public index.php file, it should work:

// Load dotenv?
if (file_exists(CRAFT_BASE_PATH.'/.env')) {
    (new Dotenv(CRAFT_BASE_PATH))->load();


  • I had assumed that my be a bad idea after the autoload but it was still throwing an error. But could be my stack issue. Will take another look
    – joomkit
    Feb 14, 2019 at 12:25

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