In my front-end I have an Entry Form where I want the Current time to be submitted in an hidden field. Which works. But strangely enough it adds +1hour upon saving the entry.

In my form, this is the field which is submitted for the time:

In my form.twig :

<input id="ticketStartTime" type="time" name="fields[ticketStartTime][time]" value="{{ 'now'|time('short') }}"/>

In my generated HTML:

<input id="ticketStartTime" type="time" name="fields[ticketStartTime][time]" value="17:41">

The time my pc is 17:41. So the function does take the right time. The project is locally hosted.

Then, If I look in the entry it saved this time: 6:41 PM Which obviously is a one hour difference.

My craftCMS settings: - settings > general settings > timezone : UTC+1 (CET) - Europe/Amsterdam - settings > sites > mysite > language : en-NL - English (Netherlands)

Both settings are set up the way I want them to be set up.

Why and how does this go wrong? Thank you.

  • Silly question but, are you in Amsterdam? – Olivier Bon Feb 11 at 11:32
  • @OlivierBon Not in amsterdam, but in the netherlands. We share the same timezone across the whole country. – mike Feb 11 at 17:57

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