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In a frontend template, I'm trying to go through the string, find all substrings between double curly brackets {{ something }} using regular expressions and replace them with field values that have the substring in the name. I want it to work dynamically.

i.e. replace string {{ something }} with value of field {{ entry.something }}, replace string {{ something-else }} with value of field {{ entry.something-else }} ...etc.

I tried the replace filter, and I'm able to find the strings between curly brackets, but I don't know how to replace them with actual fields values.


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It sounds like you'd be better off using Yii's Message Translations for this, if that's possible in your situation. They are what powers Craft's |t / |translate filter:

{{ "String with {something} and {somethingElse}"|t('site', entry) }}

With this, {something} and {somethingElse} would be replaced with the string values of entry.something and entry.somethingElse.

You can also pass an array for more complex substitutions:

{{ "String with {something} and {somethingElse}"|t('site', {
    something: entry.something,
    somethingElse: entry.somethingElse,
}) }}

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