I like to display a tree-like view of all files in an asset source:

  • Folder_X
    • File_A
    • File_B
    • Folder_Y
      • File_C
  • Folder_Z
    • ...

I know that I can iterate over all assets in a source ({% for file in craft.assets.sourceId('1') %}) but this gives just an alphabetically sorted list of all files. Maybe we need something like the nav-tag.

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Yoursort, my answer was based on the assumption that the AssetsService could be used in templates. Ofcourse, only the variables can be used.

I don't have time to dive into this (now), but I think your best bet is to get all images, use `asset.folder' for each asset and 'rebuild' the hierarchical list of folder and their assets. Again, use cache ;)


I have created the Assets Browser Plugin which allows to browse an asset source or a specific folder on the frontend.

Although it is not a treeview it serves me well for outputting a download area on the website. It works even with the Internal Assets Plugin for a member-only area.

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