I added tomodomo/twig-pluralize-extension to my project composer, loaded with a custom module like that :

if (Craft::$app->request->getIsSiteRequest()) {
    // Add in our Twig extension
    $pluralize = new \Tomodomo\Twig\Pluralize;

I use this to pluralize some string in my templates and email templates. When I check the url to my email template, everything work fine but the email didn’t send out because of "unknown function pluralize".

I have another custom module (to handle something else in my emails) and this part work fine.

Do I need to register/declare TwigExtensions with another method to get them work in emails ?


  1. The only error related to my emails in the logs is about pluralize function missing.

  2. Everything work fine if I don’t use |pluralize

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All you should need to do is remove this condition check:

if (Craft::$app->request->getIsSiteRequest()) {

You are only registering the twig extension for front end (site) requests, but emails can be triggered both on a cart complete front end (site) requests AND a back-end (CP) order status changes.

  • May I use a double condition check ? Like so : if (Craft::$app->request->getIsSiteRequest() || Craft::$app->getRequest()->getIsCpRequest()) { The email using |pluralize is sent from my other custom module, not from a Order Status Change. Commented Feb 4, 2019 at 13:49

Replace my if condition by

if ( Craft::$app->request->getIsSiteRequest() || Craft::$app->getRequest()->getIsCpRequest() ) {

Thanks to Luke Holder for pushing in the right direction!

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