I have setup a boilerplate for Craft sites with a homepage Single setup, plugins installed, common field types setup and a few other jobs I have to do every single time I start a new project.

I was wondering if this is something I can safely turn into a CraftCMS boilerplate?

In an ideal world it's something I'd keep in Git and when I start a new project in 3 months time or whatever it may be, I can copy this project.yaml into my new project and I'm an hour or so ahead of where I would be.

I know technically I probably could, but I'd like some advice on whether this is something I should or should not be doing.



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I have just setup a Craft 3 boilerplate and got it working great. So yeah... this does work.

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    did you have to sync changes after first install or did the yaml file automatically get applied? Commented Mar 17, 2019 at 14:01

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