I just noticed that I can't see my files if I go into the assets section. An Error blinks up and says "An unknown error occurred". In the front-end, I see every file and I can upload files to an asset too and see there uploaded files and selecting it.

The log file says nothing. I use for Image Transforms Imager without imgix.
If i want to edit an Image i get a error too:

Getting unknown property: aelvan\imager\models\ConfigModel::imgixEnableAutoPurging

It has always worked.

I can only imagine that an update has changed something?!

Thanks for any help. Really big problem

  • I solved the edit Error with adding public $imgixEnableAutoPurging = true; public $imgixConfig = []; to my imager config file. But it does not solve the problem for the asset section.
    – Markus
    Jan 31 '19 at 9:41
  • allright… It have something to do with my imager config file. If i delete it, it works!
    – Markus
    Jan 31 '19 at 9:49

Solved the complete error with a reset of the imager config file.

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