I've got an e-commerce site that I'm upgrading. I've upgraded to Craft 3 and can reach the CP and the home page.

This site is tightly integrated with Commerce 1. When I visit the plug-in page, Commerce is listed but "missing". I've attempted to claim the license (using the license number listed on the plug-ins page) but the license number is not recognized.

Do I have any options other than purchasing a complete new license? Is there a way to use Commerce 1 with Craft 3?


You can not run Commerce 1 on Craft 3.

Commerce was completely re-written for Craft 3 compatibility. Indeed the final release of Commerce 2 actually requires Craft 3.1.

That said, your license for Commerce 1 should work for Commerce 2 once you have that installed but note there is a lot more to upgrading sites to Craft 3/Commerce 2 than just installing the new versions - there are extensive changes needed to both - including template and fundamental changes to custom plugins if you have written any of those.


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