Is it possible to get the english content on the, for example, Spanish site if the Text for the specific language is not defined yet?

I do not mean a redirect! The English version should be displayed until the Spanish content has been inserted.

It would be great if someone has a Idea! Thanks!


You could choose which value to translate your content into using the |t($lang) filter based on some condition. You condition could be a lightswitch field on each entry saying whether it's been translated or not, or check if a content field is empty or not.

So something like

set lang = entry.lang

if entry.isTranslated == false {
   set lang = 'english'

{{ content|t(lang) }}
  • It would be really easy if this work, but it does not. But my theoretical Idea was like this. If Text Field is empty get English Text.
    – adsfgfhg
    Jan 29 '19 at 17:18

I think it have something to do with .handle('spanish') or .siteId('2'). I tried it but seems to be more complicated than I thought.

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