Is there a recommended way to provide user feedback in the control panel — something like a modal window with a simple 'ok' button to dismiss?

I am writing a plugin that syncs data between users, another channel ('accounts'), and an external service (Braintree), using saveEntry and saveUser events to create/update related records as needed. I would like to provide user feedback in the way of a modal window that reports what related records were created and/or updated. What would be the recommended 'Craft' way to implement this user feedback modal? Or is there something already built-in to support this and how might I access it? I see some advice here regarding generating a generic modal window, but not sure the best way to integrate this within my plugin. Any advice would be appreciated even if very general.

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To me, this seems like a great use case for a custom dashboard widget.

  • Are you thinking of a kind of a dashboard log? That's an interesting idea. Fyi, this is not being done in batches, I am simply tapping into the onSaveEntry to trigger the create/update on the other records. I'm currently throwing errors, using logs, and userSession->setNotice/setError. Not ideal but works ok. Oct 9, 2014 at 3:25

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