So I have a Structure like that

  • Item
    • Subitem | inactive
    • Subitem | inactive

why is item.hasDescendants() true ?

How would I do something like that the right way:

<li class="{% if nav_item.hasDescendants() %}more{% endif %}">

hasDescendants() is only concerned with whether the entry actually has descendants; not whether they are enabled or not.

To determine in an entry has enabled descendants, you can do this:

{% set hasDescendants = entry.descendants.total() %}

Or in your case:

<li class="{% if nav_item.descendants.total() %}more{% endif %}">

entry.descendants is an alias for EntryModel::getDescendants(), which will return a new ElementCriteriaModel prepped to return descendants of entry. By default it will only return the enabled ones, like all ElementCriteriaModel’s.

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  • One would think that hasDescendants() and getDescendants() behave the same ... – maxx Oct 21 '14 at 18:47
  • They serve different needs. hasDescendants will just return a binary true or false depending on whether the entry has any descendants, without any support for parameters that could affect the answer. getDescendants() will actually trigger a DB query, so it can afford to accept parameters, and offer the data in different formats, depending on your needs. – Brandon Kelly Oct 21 '14 at 18:50

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