I've got this

    // Creating users through frontend
    Event::on(Users::class, Users::EVENT_BEFORE_ACTIVATE_USER, function(UserEvent $event) {
        $userId = $event->user->id;

        // Allow assigning user groups through the frontend (circumvent elevated user sessions)
        $groupId = Craft::$app->getRequest()->getBodyParam('userGroup');
        if ($groupId) {
            Craft::$app->getUsers()->assignUserToGroups($userId, [$groupId]);

        // This does not work
        Craft::$app->users->getUserById($userId)->setFieldValue('discountPercentage', 15);

Assigning the user group works fine, so I don't get why assigning a field value doesn't. The discountPercentage field is a simple Number fieldtype

I also tried $event->user->setFieldValue('discountPercentage', 15); without success.

Also I tried surrounding 15 in quotes, like '15', but that didn't work either.


Submitting the "create user form" through the frontend gives no errors. discountPercentage is just left blank.

  • Why the downvote? If there is a better way for me to ask for help, please tell me so I can improve. That would be constructive, rather than downvoting without explaining why. Thanks. – Stian Karlsen yesterday

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