I want to upload all my Craft files along with the database to an Ubuntu server using composer. This server is an EC2 instance of AWS.

Thanks for the help!


There is a course on CraftQuest regarding deployment of Craft CMS you might want to check out: https://craftquest.io/courses/deploying-craft-cms-3

For my personal workflow, I develop locally then push my codebase to Github. Since my servers are built using Laravel Forge, I have it set up to deploy my code to my server, which can be an AWS server, Digital Ocean, or any number of places.

For some sites, I use a more robust deployment service. I've used both Envoyer.io and Deploybot to do that. I wrote a post on the Deploybot set up I used. You can find that post here: https://supergeekery.com/blog/laravel-forge-and-deploy-bot

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