I have got multiple category groups and I need to concatenate them into one list for a filter UI element.

At the moment I have the following:

{% set categories = craft.categories.group('colour').all() %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('suitability').all()) %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('finish').all()) %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('shape').all()) %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('material').all()) %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('edge').all()) %}
{% set categories = categories|merge(craft.categories.group('surface').all()) %}

So now I have a list of all the categories within these groups, I can loop over them as follows:

<ul class="categories">
    {% for cat in categories %}
        <li class="categories__item">
            <button class="button categories__btn">{{ cat.title }}</button>
    {% endfor %}

But the issue I'm having is that the array of categories is outputting them in the order they're being added. I tried this:

{% set categories = categories.orderBy('title asc').all() %} 

But it returns "Impossible to invoke a method ("orderBy") on an array."


You can query on multiple category groups like so:

craft.categories.group('suitability, finish, shape, material, edge, surface').all()

It can also be done with an array:


Whenever you invoke .all() it returns an array. As those arrays were merged, they created a larger array. In that last bit of code, categories.orderBy() failed because categories was an array and arrays do not have a method named orderBy.

Hope that helps!


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