I'm creating a new user using $user->setContentFromPost(). It all works fine except I can't attach an entry to an Entries field.

$user = new UserModel();
$user->username         = $email;
$user->email            = $email;
$user->unverifiedEmail  = $email;

  'companyName' => $admin->companyName, 
  'companyId' => $admin->companyId, 
  'partnerManager[]' => $admin->partnerManager[0]->id

This will create user but the partnerManager Entries field will be empty. I've tried a few different syntax variations, but none of them seem to work:

'fields[partnerManager][]' => $admin->partnerManager[0]->id
'partnerManager' => $admin->partnerManager[0]->id
'partnerManager[0]' => $admin->partnerManager[0]->id

How to fill this field?

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Relationships are always added as arrays of IDs, even if you are only relating a single element:

    'companyName' => $admin->companyName, 
    'companyId' => $admin->companyId, 
    'partnerManager' => array($admin->partnerManager[0]->id)

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