I'm trying to use a charting library within a Craft template.

The chart expects an array of numbers that I'm building up from a table but I'm getting an array of strings instead.

{% set donutData = [] %}
{% for p in block.donutValues %}
    {% set donutData = donutData|merge([
    ]) %}
{% endfor %}

and then if I do {{ donutData|json_encode }} I get an array of strings returned that my chart library can't interpret.

value is set to be a number field in the Craft table column so not sure why I'm getting a string returned.


So it seems that even although the Craft field is set to number it doesn't actually define a number.

I changed the field from a regular Craft table field to a Super Table field and my {{ donutData|json_encode }} corrects spits out an array of numbers.

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