I'm trying to display a list of child structure links, but only from a specific parent. The template I'm working on isn't for the parent in question so I don't think I can use 'entry.'

My structure is set up like this

  • Parent 1
  • --Child One
  • --Child Two
  • --Child Three
  • Parent 2
  • --Child One
  • --Child Two

I only want to display the children of Parent 1. What I have so far is

<ul id="sub-menu">
{% set pages = craft.entries.section('visit').level('>1') %}
{% nav entry in pages %}
<li><a href="{{ entry.url }}">{{ entry.title }}</a>
    {% ifchildren %}
           {% children %}
     {% endifchildren %}
{% endnav %}

Using this outputs all of the second level children instead of just the children from Parent 1. Is there any way to specify that the only children I want to display must come from Parent 1? Can I specify a slug somehow?

Any help much appreciated

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yes you can!

You may search for a slug craft.entries.slug('slug-of-first-parent'), select the first result .one(), and then the children by .getChildren(). Now you can proceed as you already did and limit your result to only elements with a level greater than 1 .level('>1') and list.

{% set pages = craft.entries.slug('slug-of-first-parent').one().getChildren().level('>1') %}

I am not sure whether this is the best and most effective solution, but it should definitely do the job.

Tip: You can display information about an entry and the methods and variables available by dumping them either by using var_dump($variable) in php code or {{ d($variable) }} (by using this free plugin) in your twig template. This can help a lot when dealing with entries and finding children or parents.


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