I need to create a features structure section for a website that will have parent features and child features.

Q1: How do I get different URL Format for parent & child pages?

  • I need the parent features here: website.com/features/parent-feature
  • And the Child features here website.com/parent-feature/child-feature

Q2: How do I display the Parent & Child in different templates? I want the parent features to look more dominant than the child features.

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To get different URL Format for parent & child pages, you need to go to the CP structure settings and edit the Entry URI Format. This is how your URI should look like:

{% if level == 1 %}features/{slug}{% else %}{parent.slug}/{slug}{% endif %}

For your templating question, if you want a different template for parents and children, you need an if statement in your template file for that structure. So in your CP structure settings, you will have one template file: features/feature_entry.twig and inside that file you will have:

{% if entry.children|length %} 

   <!-- If it has a child, it's a parent page -->
   {% include 'features/_parent.twig' %}

{% else %}<!-- it's a child page -->

   {% include 'features/_child.twig' %}

{% endif %}

Just like that... You now have 2 different templates in 2 different .twig files.

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