I am using a Controller to get Variables from a field in my Plugin. How and what would be the best way to pass and use them in other classes or my main plugin file.

I thought about using Sessions or passing them via URL Parameters, but i am not sure if thats the most convenient way.

Thats my controller:

use craft\web\Controller;

class SetUserController extends Controller {
    public function actionSubmitUser() {

        $request = \Craft::$app->getRequest();

        $dateTime = $request->getParam('dateTime');
        $user = $request->getRequiredParam('user');


e.g. in my main plugin file i would like to pass the variable to a function:

// check if commerce record for craft user exists
public function checkCommerceRecord($user) {
    return $this->customers->getCustomerByUserId($user);


I figured that i need to setup a module, however i cant save the variables into the module, getting Setting unknown property: wewereyoung\wfwplugin\models\WFWPluginModel::userId


namespace wewereyoung\wfwplugin\models;

use craft\base\Model;
use craft\validators\ArrayValidator;

class WFWPluginModel extends Model {

    public $setUser = [

    public function rules() {
        return [

Updated Controller:

namespace wewereyoung\wfwplugin\controllers;

use craft\web\Controller;
use wewereyoung\wfwplugin\models\WFWPluginModel;

class SetUserController extends Controller {
    public function actionSubmitUser() {

        $request = \Craft::$app->getRequest();

        $dateTime = $request->getParam( 'dateTime' );
        $userId   = $request->getParam( 'user' );

        $setUser            = new WFWPluginModel();
        $setUser->userId   = $userId;
        $setUser->dateTime = $dateTime;


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To simply pass the variables to your plugin or module use:

MyPlugin::getInstance()->checkCommerceRecord($user, $dateTime);

To pass to a service (see the Creating a Service section of the docs) use:

MyPlugin::getInstance()->myService->checkCommerceRecord($user, $dateTime);

To pass it with your model use:

$model = new WFWPluginModel(['setUser' => [$userId, $dateTime]]);

  • Ah ok, that means that i would create a service that saves the post data as variables from my controller and i can then access the variables in e.g. my main plugin class
    – HendrikEng
    Dec 6, 2018 at 12:13
  • You don't have to "save" them per se, you can simply pass them as parameters. I've added an example to my answer for doing it wiith a module.
    – Ben Croker
    Dec 6, 2018 at 12:19

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