Our client would like to run a promotion which would require a user to spend at least £30 in order to get a certain product for free.

We have setup a ‘codeless’ discount that has:

  • the product that they get free in the Product field in conditions
  • The Purchase Total set to 30 (although I think this means the total value of the above products)
  • The Base Discount amount to be the same as the value of the product (3.99).

I had assumed, that provided the cart > 30 and that product was in their cart, the 3.99 would be automatically removed from the total. Now I’m guessing it’s not doing that because of the way the Purchase Total works.

If that is the case, does anyone know how I’d achieve the desired outcome?

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You are correct, purchase total is the total of items selected.

We will look to add a 'Total Order Price' condition in the future.

For now you would need to make your own custom discount adjuster to build special discount conditions.

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