I've set up a Resources section on a multi-site installation with the type of Channel. For Site 1 I've set the routing rule to be {resourcesParent.one.slug}/{slug} and for Site 2 I've set the rule as {slug}.

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So for Site 1 a resource titled sample-resource would resolve to www.example.com/parent-slug/sample-resource.

And for Site 2 it would resolve as sub.example.com/sample-resource

Everything works fine for Site 1, however when I go to sub.example.com/sample-resource I get a "template not found: sample-resource" 404 error.

Seems like this should work so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

EDIT: I just noticed that sub.example.com/parent-slug/sample-resource is resolving, so I think something's wrong with my config. Here's what I have for my dev environment in craft/config/general.php:

'dev' => [
    'siteUrl' => array(

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I forgot to add define('CRAFT_SITE', 'sub'); to the index.php file on my Site 2 web root.

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