Is it possible to edit an entry within a different section? I have a front end for say section “A” that pulls in a list of entries’ titles from a different section “B”. Is it possible to update an entry field (radio button) for the entries in section “B” when an entry in section “A” is enabled?

  • Yes it is, I'm just not sure what you want exactly. Should it be only when you store an entry in your frontend or in the cp as well? Either way is totally possible – Robin Schambach Nov 8 at 22:22
  • Ideally it would be stored in the Database for the section “b” entry. – Phil Nelson Nov 9 at 16:57
  • That doesn't really answer my question – Robin Schambach Nov 9 at 16:59
  • Ideally it would be stored in the Database for the section “b” entry. We have an input screen for section “A” that creates entries by pulling the titles from entries within section “B”. I’m trying to change a radio input field on a section “B” entry for the entry that matches the Title used in section “A”’s created entry. What happens next is I have two urls that are serving entries from section “B” if the radio button matches the criteria. Example if entry in “A” status equals live, set entry in B with the same title to live & change its radio field to match radio field of entry in A. – Phil Nelson Nov 9 at 17:06
  • Sorry my comment time timed out here. I appreciate your insight and help. Hopefully the comment adds more information – Phil Nelson Nov 9 at 17:07

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