I have a A-Z menu to filter entries by their first letter.

   <ul class="directory-letters">
    <li class="all current" data-filter="all">ALL</li>
    {% for entry in craft.entries.section('membershipDirectory').order('title asc') %}
      <li data-filter="letter-{{ entry.companyName|slice(0, 1)|lower|replace("/[^a-z]/", "0-9") }}">{{ entry.companyName|slice(0, 1) }}</li>
    {% endfor %}

Issue I have is if there are 4 entries beginning with 'C' the output will be:

A B C C C C D E F...

Can I limit each letter once so I'll get 1 'C' is there are 1+ entries starting with 'C'?


I'm now getting the right number of instances created but no text inside my

  • . Likely a rookie error somewhere:

    {% set allEntries = 
    craft.entries.section('membershipDirectory').order('title asc') %}
    {% set allEntriesByFirstCharacter = 
     allEntries|group('companyName|slice(0, 1)|lower|replace("/[^a-z]/", 
     "0-9")' ) %}
     <ul class="directory-letters">
        <li class="all current" data-filter="all">ALL</li>
        {% for allEntries in allEntriesByFirstCharacter %}
           <li data-filter="letter-{{ entry.companyName|slice(0, 1)|lower|replace("/[^a-z]/", "0-9") }}">{{ entry.companyName|slice(0, 1)|lower|replace("/[^a-z]/", "0-9") }}</li>
      {% endfor %}

    You can use the group filter and create a 2d array with the letter as the first index and the entries as second index.

    {% set allEntriesByFirstCharacter = allEntries|group('companyName|slice(0, 1)|lower|replace("/[^a-z]/", "0-9")' ) %}

    The string passed in the filter will get rendered as an object template an equal results will be grouped by the same key.

    • Thank you! I'm getting empty outputs, but the right number of instances now. Post updated. – sarah3585 Oct 30 '18 at 16:57
    • Where do you assign the entry variable? You use it but I'm not sure what it should be. Please take a look at the link – Robin Schambach Oct 30 '18 at 16:59

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