I have spreadsheet that i'm parsing and I have available to me a Entry ID and the Asset filename. Can I add the asset to the entry by the filename?

Im targeting the product entry with:

$product = Entry::find()->section('products')->id($data[3]);
$productImages = ($product->productImages) ? $product->productImages : array();
$name = explode('?', basename($data[2])); 
$pushImageId = Asset::find()->filename($name[0])->id; // $name[0] = myfilename.jpg
$productImages = array_push($productImages,$pushImageId);

The handle for the asset field is: productImages

So when I run this i get this error:

Exception: Argument 1 passed to craft\services\Elements::saveElement() must implement interface craft\base\ElementInterface, instance of craft\elements\db\EntryQuery given



Based on the answer from robin in this question How to save Asset field of an Entry programmatically in Craft 3

It you just need to attach the asset ID's as an array. So i re-wrote the following code to create a new array of the original asset ids plus the new one. And it worked!

$product = Entry::find()->section('products')->id($data[3])->one();
$name = explode('?', basename($data[2]));
$pushImageIds = Asset::find()->filename($name[0])->ids(); // $name[0] = myfilename.jpg
$newProductImagesArray = array();
foreach($product->productImages as $image){


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You need to fetch the asset and set it as a field value to your entry

$pushImageId = Asset::find()->filename($name[0])->ids();

id will display the id property of your query. You won't fetch any results with it ids() will return an array of asset ids

$product->setFieldValue ('productImages', $productImages);

Will set the relation and finally you can store the element

Edit: and you need to fetch the product as well. Currently you just create the query for it


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