Im trying to figure out how to move asset(s) to a different volume. Also if I move it will that affect the entries that are using the asset?

Here's what im using to target the asset: $resourceImage = Asset::find()->volume('resourceImages')->filename($filename);

I need to move it to my productImages volume.


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You can move them like this

$asset = Asset::find()->volume('resourceImages')->filename($filename)->one()
$folder = Craft::$app->getAssets()->findFolder(['volumeId' => X]);
Craft::$app->getAssets()->moveAsset($asset, $folder, $filename);

It won't change your relations or anything else in fact all the function does is:

 * Move or rename an Asset.
 * @param Asset $asset The asset whose file should be renamed
 * @param VolumeFolder $folder The Volume Folder to move the Asset to.
 * @param string $filename The new filename
 * @return bool Whether the asset was renamed successfully
 * @throws AssetLogicException if the asset’s volume is missing
public function moveAsset(Asset $asset, VolumeFolder $folder, string $filename = ''): bool
    // Set the new combined target location, and save it
    $asset->newFilename = $filename;
    $asset->newFolderId = $folder->id;

    return Craft::$app->getElements()->saveElement($asset);

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