I'm new in the Craft CMS world, and I'm approaching it because I need to create a web app where I and my colleague can create reports based on what we do for customers and export them in PDF format.

Can I accomplish this task with Craft?

In positive case can anyone give me some hints about what to do to begin (example.. plugins to study etc..)

Thanks so much.


This is a really broad question since it does not cover a specific topic but many things about plugin development. I would suggest you to read articles like So You Wanna Make a Craft 3 Plugin? or Enhancing a Craft CMS 3 Website with a Custom Module. You can create a boilerplate of a plugin with Pluginfactory.io.

To get used to the topic there are official documentations as well. If you have specific problem/question you can ask it.

In general there aren't many things that can't be accomplished with Craft. It's a really dynamic and flexible CMS and can be enhanced/extended in many ways.


A very broad question gets a very broad answer :)

You could use Craft for this (in various ways). Maybe these plugins can help you:

PDF export plugins



Report plugin (CSV export)


There are others out there too that are probably worth a look.

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