I'm trying to use the Imager-Craft plugin to make specific image transformations, but cannot figure out how to access Imager within the element-api.php file.

Imager shows plenty of template examples, but I'm not sure how to translate template code like this into straight Element API php.

{% set image = craft.assets().one() %}
{% set transformedImage = craft.imager.transformImage(image, { width: 1000 }) %}
<img src="{{ transformedImage.url }}">```

Specifically, I'm trying to access that craft.imager.transformImage function.

Is this possible?

  • I see people using craft()->plugins->getPlugin('Imager'), but this doesn't seem to work in Craft 3 with Element API v2. I there a v2 equivalent? Oct 2, 2018 at 18:41

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In yii2 every instance of a module is stored in a public static property of the main class.

If the plugin is called image you can grab it via


This instance contains all the required components. The imager plugin it has 3 components

    'imager' => ImagerService::class,
    'placeholder' => PlaceholderService::class,
    'color' => ImagerColorService::class,

You can access those via Imager::getInstance()->imager or placeholder or color in this case the instance of the plugin is also stored in a static $plugin variable. You can call


as well. You can see a working example here

use aelvan\imager\Imager as Plugin;
return Plugin::$plugin->imager->isAnimated($asset);

This is the function that is being called when you do craft.imager.transform -> the PHP equivalent what you want to do


I was able to find a working solution, but really not sure if this is the best way use a plugin in the Element API.

'transformer' => function(Entry $entry) {

    $imager = new aelvan\imager\services\ImagerService();
    $image  = $entry->image->one();

    $resizedImage = $imager->transformImage($image, [
        'width' => 100

    return [
        'image' => $resizedImage->url

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