I am using the following block of code in a template:

<hr class="rule">

{% if entry.features | length %}
    <div class="feature-block">
        <h4 class="is-uppercase">Features</h4>
        <ul class="features fa-ul">
        {% for block in entry.features %}
            <li><i class="fa-li fa fa-check"></i> {{ block.feature }}</li>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

The if statement is adding whitespace to the markup which causes styling issues.


How can I correct this? Do I need to format the code block differently?

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Have a look at the twig documentation regarding whitespace control:


In short, wrap the area where you want to remove whitespace in {% spaceless %} ... {% endspaceless %}, and use the - character inside tags to trim whitespace before and/or after.


You can also the hyphen/dash '-' modifier for shorter syntax and in place of the spaceless tags. Plus you get a bit more granular control where you want it, like trimming only leading or trailing space.

Example 1 taken from Twig Docs: Whitespace Control, this would remove whitespace around the if's and output of value.

{% set value = 'no spaces' %}
{#- No leading/trailing whitespace -#}
{%- if true -%}
    {{- value -}}
{%- endif -%}

{# output 'no spaces' #}

Example 2 is a possible real world scenario for retentive space people:

{%- set metaDescription = 'Page description.' -%}
{%- set metaKeywords = 'word1 word2 word3' -%}
{%- set pageTitle = 'A Title' %}

{% if metaKeywords is defined -%}
    <meta name="keywords" content="{{ metaKeywords }}" />
{%- endif %}

{% if metaDescription is defined -%}
    <meta name="description" content="{{ metaDescription }}" />
{%- endif %}

{% if pageTitle is defined -%}
    <title>{{ pageTitle }}</title>
{%- endif %}

Rendered output:

<meta name="keywords" content="word1 word2 word3" />
<meta name="description" content="Page description." />
<title>A Title</title>
  • But why? I mean this is super ugly, super annoying to type, so why isn't this a global default???
    – leymannx
    Commented Apr 19, 2018 at 14:05

You have several different options, depending on what you want to do:

  • The spaceless function, which removes whitespace between HTML tags:

    {% spaceless %}
    {% endspaceless %}
    {# output will be <div><strong>foo</strong></div> #}
  • The trim filter, which removes whitespace from the beginning/end of a string:

    {{ block.feature | trim }}

You could always just use the Minify plugin and wrap whatever you want in:

{% minify %}

{% endminify %}

If works with inline CSS/JS, too.

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