Fairly new user here. I am kinda confused how to template. I want to rearrange the order of blocks in my backend and show them in the right order in the front.

Here is how i am currently writing a template.

  • Created a section called "Homepage"
  • Then I made a matrix block "content blocks"
  • After that I created 3 Blocks and called them "Image left", "Image right", "Full Text"
  • Went into my _entry.html and wrote some for loops. Example
{% for block in entry.contentblocks.type('imageLeft') % }
    do something
{% endfor %}

Now when I order those fields in my backend it won't show the right order on my frontend.


Backend order:

  • imageLeft
  • imageRight
  • imageLeft

Frontent view:

  • imageLeft
  • imageLeft
  • imageRight

I know this is happening because the first for loop will check all first and print them one after another before moving to the next for loop.

How do I prevent this?

I seriously hope somebody understands my issue. I am fairly new to Twig and Craft so I take every pointer I can get.


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If you're feeling real adventurous you can do something like this:

{% for block in entry.contentblocks %}
   {% include "_about-partials/" ~ block.type %}
{% endfor %}

In this instance I'd keep files in a directory named _about-partials with the same name as the block type (_about-partials/imageLeft.html)


I wrote a switch condition in my for loop and everything went well. My bad!


I'm aware the answer has been given already , but I just wanted to point out that the Craft documentation has a nice code sample on how to handle this as well.

As the other answers already state, it basically boils down to looping over the blocks and using a switch case (or if/else statements) to determine the type and act accordingly.

The relevant part of the documentation can be found at this link.

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